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Virtualization & Consolidations

What is virtualization?

Virtualization is an advanced technology that uses sophisticated software to replicate the action of a conventional server – meaning what used to take up the processing power and storage capacity of several dedicated servers can now be done on a single unit.

What are the benefits?

One server uses less power, takes up less space and needs just one back-up machine, making it the smart choice for businesses striving for system architecture that is simpler, greener and more efficient.

And because extra virtual functions can be added easily to that single server, virtualisation is a more flexible solution that is ideal for both very small and very large networks. Little wonder that virtual technology is booming.

It makes economic sense, too. A typical company using combined server and storage virtualisation could see a return on investment (ROI) in the order of 300%, and payback in fewer than six months - including deployment time.

Add to that the ease of providing for business continuity and growth, and it’s easy to see why a virtualised environment is an attractive proposition for any decision maker.

Why choose Aftech International Co. Ltd.?

Aftech International Co. Ltd. has extensive experience in the field of virtualisation, and has teamed up with virtualisation system vendor VMware to provide its customers with a choice of products that will help give their business a competitive edge.

Fully VMware-qualified, Aftech International Co. Ltd. can design, implement and support a virtual network for your business. Working to industry best practice, it can provide a certified and fully-integrated VMware virtualisation solution, including technical white papers and reference architecture to speed deployment and deliver predictable results.

Lower cost

Aftech International Co. Ltd. complements the solution by deploying VMware on robust and reliable platforms from HP, Dell and other leading manufacturers, to create cutting-edge solutions with a total cost of ownership far below traditional hardware-intensive networks.

Areas of the virtual platform covered by Aftech include:

  • Server virtualisation
  • Shared storage
  • Desktop virtualisation
  • The virtual infrastructure
  • Provision of licences
The use of ESX server and management software allows system administrators to have control of stability and security. Setting up new users is faster and more efficient and patching and upkeep is controlled at server level.

For more information, call the Aftech Virtualisation Team on (+93 788 400 001), or use the quote form for a rapid call back from a member of the qualified sales team.