About Us


Passionate about its business and proud of its success, Aftech International Co. Ltd. is driven by a desire to provide its clients with a competitive advantage through price and service excellence, product choice and business support. - not just over the short-term, but for a vision of where your business is heading.


Founded in 2006, Aftech International Co. Ltd. provide IT products and solutions from the most innovative networking, storage, hardware, software and security vendors in the industry. The company expanded rapidly as it moved into the supply of an increasing range of computer hardware, including servers and storage devices, becoming authorised partner for many leading manufacturers including Dell, Hewlett Packard and IBM. It has continued to expand its portfolio with industry end to end solutions, together with tailored technical vendor support packages and services ranging from design and installations. Now Aftech International Co. Ltd. is an industry-leading organisation with customers throughout the world, Aftech International Co. Ltd. has built an enviable reputation for its customer service and keen pricing, and continues to look for new opportunities to build on its success.


Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of Aftech International Co. Ltd.’ success, based on its philosophy of giving customers exactly what they want, when they want it and at a price they can afford. This level of service has seen the company grow through repeat business and referrals. Highly experienced product teams take time to understand customer requirements, drawing on their extensive product knowledge to offer expert advice on the most effective solution tailored to their needs. In practice, expectations are often exceeded, thanks to Aftech International Co. Ltd.’ ability to offer purchasing options that allow clients to get far more for their IT budget than they thought possible, and to deliver it in very short timescales.